Custom Embroidery

If you’re looking for something a little different than the standard printed t-shirt, try embroidery! Your company’s logo can be embroidered on the chest of polo shirts or hats for your employees, or add a cute monogram to a tote or backpack!


Ready to get started?

Every embroidery design is different, but we can provide you with some base prices for different situations. Whether you’re looking for logos or names, look no further! Here are some questions to consider.

Do you have artwork?
 We’ll need a high-resolution image or vector file to create the sewing file for your logo. The same design services apply to embroidery, so if you’ve got an idea in your head, we can design it!
How large will it be?
The main determining factor in the cost of a logo embroidery is stitch count, and a larger logo will have a higher stitch count. 

Embroidery Only Pricing* 

See the chart below to determine pricing based on embroidery area (called “stitch count”) and number of items you have that are all receiving the same design. Most left chest and cap logos are less than 6000 stitches. Send us your logo to get an estimated stitch count for your project or design.

Additional embroidery areas are charged at 75% of applicable rate (per quantity and stitch count). Full rate is always charged on highest stitch-count logo with smaller area(s) qualifying for discounted rate.

A Note About Stitch Count

We know you’re always looking for ways to keep costs down! There’s only one major thing that affects the cost of an embroidery- stitch count. Here are some ways to keep your stitch count low:

  • Size: Consider asking that your logo be sized down- but not too small or any details might be distorted!
  • Quantity: Like screen printing, there are price breaks at certain quantities. Purchasing higher quantities will make your per-item costs decrease.
  • Simplify: Logos with fine detail, small text, or many colors often have an inherently higher stitch count. Limiting the complexity of the stitching can save you a lot of money.
  • Density: Some items, like a polar fleece hoodie, or hand towel, have thicker, textured fabric. In order to provide adequate coverage with these fabrics, the stitches must be denser. Increasing density increases stitch count, so if you’re looking to knock a few dollars off, try something a bit less textured.

Artwork and Digital Proofing

If you have a logo and a general idea of what you’d like to have that logo embroidered on, email us at, and we’ll be more than happy to get started on your order! We’ll digitize your logo to find out exactly how many stitches it is, and then we’ll send you a proof and an image of the sew-out. Every order except Text embroidery will be sewn on a piece of scrap fabric before it’s sewn on the product. Once you approve the proof, we’ll begin sewing your order! We cannot proceed with sewing until the proof has been approved.


Any additional questions? Email us at